Deploy using GitHub Actions

Run our build script from github action such as code release

Setup a Github action that runs when we release code and uses the build script we created above to deploy to the shared hosting account

Create SiteGround SSH Key for GitHub Action

In order to authorise GitHub to access your server we need to create an SSH key at SiteGround and then store this in GitHub. Secrets like this are stored within the repository settings.

Create a new SSH key in SiteGround and make a note of the password that was generated.

Under GitHub Settings > Secrets > Actions add a new secret with the name of DEPLOY_RSA_PRIVATE

Copy the private key from the SiteGround key just generated

Under GitHub Settings > Secrets > Actions add a new secret with the name of DEPLOY_RSA_PASSWORD`

Paste in the password noted earlier.

Create Github Action

The details for a GitHub action are stored in a .yaml file and will be stored in your code repository under the .github/workflows folder.

name: deploy to SiteGround
    types: [published, edited]


    name: Build
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: executing remote ssh commands using password
      uses: appleboy/ssh-action@master
        username: u1119-ahcvzbcli3ee
        key: ${{ secrets.DEPLOY_RSA_PRIVATE }}
        passphrase: ${{ secrets.DEPLOY_RSA_PASSWORD}}
        port: 18765
        script: |
          cd ~/www/

This action spins up an instance of ubuntu server, then connects to your SiteGround website and runs the same commands as are performed if you were to deploy manually.

On line 22, change this to reflect the path to your website.

The above deploy action will be performed automatically when a new code release is created, or you can instigate it manually using the Run Workflow button from the Actions page in GitHub.

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