Connect your server to git

Your project will be deployed to the server via git clone and for this, your repository needs a deployment key adding into your github account (deployment from Bitbucket or GitLab is very similar, just search for deploy keys).

First we need to create a public private key pair on our SiteGround server.

cd ~/.ssh

ssh-keygen -t rsa -P "" to create an id_rsa pair with no password. Press enter to use the default filename.

You will now have in this folder id_rsa and

You share the contents of with Github, so cat it to the screen and copy the key from the ssh-rsa through to the end which finishes with the site name.


Now in github, go to Settings and Deploy Keys

Add a label (eg your domain name) and paste the key you just copied into the key box.

DO NOT check the box for write access. This server does not need to update your repository.

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